We owe a lot of thanks to various individuals and organizations that have given us help and guidance. The following is only a few of the many:

  • A lot of thanks to the MGEF group and particularly to Dick Frey WA2AAU whose help and support on many projects was key to our development. Also to many of their members and rovers who have given us a lot of contacts over the years.
  • A load of thanks to Jeff K1TEO. He has given us a lot of advice and was very helpful in reviewing our web site and making a lot of good suggestions.
  • Thanks to our local group the Dutchess County VHF Society who got us involved in VHF contesting initially. The group is suffering from the same malady that many groups ham radio and others are, an aging and declining participation. However they still do mount a June multi op effort usually under the call AB2I
  • A really special thanks to "Mr. Rover". W3IY was a true inspiration to all rovers. His positive attitude combined with his enthusiasm to make him a true leader. He was always helpful to others and always answered E-Mails promptly with great advice. We will miss him greatly. Bill, we will continue to listen for the weak ones.
  • Thanks to the North East Weak Signal Group. Not only are their sessions at their conference very helpful, but the interaction with a lot of those we work is great.
  • Thanks to Chuck Hoover K0VXM and the Florida Weak Signal Society for a lot of help and advice in Florida Roving. We will be doing a lot more in the Jan contest in Florida