The following are links to other WEB sites that we use or have found to be useful for Roving and Microwave information. With each is a very brief explaination of the site
DEMI Down East Microwave Inc. is a fine supplier of both kits and finished products for microwaves.  They have a rather complete line of transverters, amplifiers, and parts for 50 MHz and up. Steve and Sandra will be glad to hear from you
Directive Directive systems is an antenna manufacturer in Maine owned by Dave Olean K1WHS. In addition to a catalog of great antennas on this site, make sure you look at his "VHF Contest Pictures" page for some really impressive contest station and antenna photos.
MaxGain MaxGain Systems has a good supply of fiberglass rods and tubes that we use for our masts. You will find Alan Bond very helpful. If you happen to go to a southeastern hamfest that he is exhibiting, you will find a large collection of "Treasures".
N.E.W.S The North East Weak Signal Group is based in Connecticut and has a great conference each year, currently in the spring The organization is a very helpful one to belong to in order to learn a lot more about microwaves.
FLWSS The Florida Weak Signal Society is a relatively new group that is rapidly building a lot of weak signal and microwave interest in Florida
N2MH Sites Mark has a web site that lists many of the good roving locations for each grid
Roverlog Roverlog is the only logging program that we have found to be usable for roving. Tom has done a great job of making many improvements and it is a really great program
Beacons This WZ1V web site lists most of the beacons in the US for 50 MHz and up. Beacons are extremely useful while roving both for checking antenna alignment (particularly at 10 GHz) and for checking propagation.
Hamcation For those in the southeast, this Hamfest in Orlando is one of the best ones I have found. There is not only a lot of good dealers, but also you can frequently find a lot of microwave "stuff"
Pointlookout Although somewhat unique to our roving route, this is a location of an Inn in FN22 that has a really great view of the New England Mountains, good food and a good place to stay. Unfortunately it has closed due to financial problems. However it was great while it lasted
WA1MBA Tom Williams has a great microwave site with lots of information as well as links to a lot of other sources.