Sites that we either use or have used for roving.

This has been heavily revised and additional revisions are in process., feel free to browse. For more detail on a site just click the grid or site name.

Sites for Florida and the DelMarVA areas will be added in the future, and more photos will be added as we take them

Grid Location Breif description
FN21 tq Sam's Point South of Ellenville, NY. Hard to get permission unless you are hiking in. However it is a great site
FN21xv Golden Hill Public parking lot on south side of Kingston NY. Not a great site, but it is on our way and we often make abrief stop here to at least open the grid.
FN22wi Point Lookout Our favorite site in FN22 nearly 2000 feet and open to the north and east. This is private land, you MUST get permission from the Inn owner. Unfortunately as of October 2012 the Inn was closed due to financial problems. So you will have to watce to see if it reopens. In the mean time it was a great site.
FN22xc North Lake A NY State Park. Fee to access, not very open. From last parking lot a narrow open shot to the east.
FN22xx West Charlton Cemetary In the corner of the grid and on our way, we have ocasionally used this site but it is not high and not a great site. Often used by W2SZ rovers.
FN23xb Hermance Road Reasonably high and open, but hard to find a good parking place off the road. We have done well from this site
FN31jt Mohawk Mt CT state park. quite good to the North and South, not as good to the east and west with many trees.
FN31ep Pleasant Ridge We ocasionally use this site since it is close to home. Good site, open east, south and west. Almost always a neighbor calls the sheriff to come check us out,.
FN32ou Hogback Overlook Near Willmington, VT. Very open to the east and south, not so good north and west. Our favorite FN32 site, but a bit out of the way
FN32jp Mt Greylock We do not use this site any more. Although it is a great site it has major drawbacks in that the overhead clearance is low and in June and Sept W2SZ is there with a major setup
FN33kd Mt Equinox Great site at over 3300 (3600 at the top) Privately owned with a toll road