Point Lookout Inn in East Windham, NY FN22wi

N 42 20 20 W 74 9 8

We picked this site to have a good place to stay overnight on Saturdays. It is quite high (nearly 2000 feet) and has a great shot to the east. Since we have stayed overnight at the inn several times, the innkeeper (Ron Telephone number (518) 734-3381) is nice enough to let us operate from the parking lot. When using this site, we usually either spend the night or at least eat lunch there depending on our route and schedule. This is private land and anyone wanting to use it should only do so with the owner's permission. We have worked W2SZ and K1WHS on all bands up to 10G and K1TR and KT1J up to 3G. There is a public pullover just down the hill east of here that is also quite good but a bit lower. It has good open visibility from about 340 degrees through north and to about 100 degrees depending on where exactly you park. Although there are a few trees they are not very high and most headings are over them if your antennas are over 7 feet up. We always park in the northwest parking lot to be out of the way, and we usually either stay for the night or at least eat a meal there.The following is the view from this site: