Pleasant Ridge FN31ep N41 38 44 W73 38 26 about 200 feet

We have used this site a few times because it is very close to home. It is not an ideal site, but sometimes close to home counts ! On Dutchess county route 21 (Pleasant Ridge Road) at the top of the hill at Blueberry lane there is a development that is very open with good paths to the east and west (not so good north) It is quite open with not many trees. The second lot in on blueberry lane is an empty lot (at least at this time) and is quite open. We use it rather than Mohawk mountain sometimes to save driving time. I do not think the neighbors like having us there, so we try not to overextend our stay. The last couple of times we used it someone called the sherriff's office to send a patrol car to check us out. He did look at our drivers license, car registration, trailer registration, AND radio license. He gove us no problem.

The last time we were there, the patrol car drove down the street and it was the same officer. He just rolled down the window and asked if everrything was OK then he drove off.