Equipment and tool rack in front
Top:batCharger,parts and screws,
5760 Rig
Mid:Vests,Ant hardware,
Connector  tools,spare compu, 
Amp bricks  and Pwr/Swr meter
Bot:Parts and printer
Operating Position
Left to right: Voice Keyer;audio&keying
 selector sw;rigs and rotator ctl; 
CW paddle; second operator audio&keying
 selector sw
June 2007 VHF in  Florida
6 meter loop is at 30 feet
Equipment and tool rack in front
Below rack:Station documentation
BotShelf:Tools,bits,HT and MURS radios,parts
next shelf up:Tools, wire, amplifiers
Outside of rack on bottom left, cordless drill
Sheets of masonite are fastened to the 
front for travel
To right of operating position
Left round switch:Power switch
Bot left CW switch and keyer
Center left:microwave IF switch
top 1296 Amp and controls
Rt Side:work area with power meter, 
Freq meter, Soldering station 
and work area